Save Those Teabags! 10 Clever Uses You Never Knew!

Many of us are enjoying a good selection of herbal teas these days, isn’t it just gorgeous!  But did you know, you can help the environment by putting your used teabags to good use once you have made that delicious cuppa?

Here are some of the many ways you can put your teabags to good use once more.

  1. Use In Your Garden Run water through used tea bags again and water your plants with the watered down tea. It will help protect them from getting fungal infections.
  2. Freshen Up Your Bath Leave used tea bags in your bath as it fills to enjoy the soothing benefits of chamomile and more as you soak.  The antioxidants in tea are good for your skin and the gentle scent of some flavours will add some aromatherapy to your soak.
    The tannic acid in tea helps soften and exfoliate skin. To soothe and soak tired feet, add used peppermint tea bags and some Epsom salt to a large bowl of warm water. Whiten fingernails by soaking them in a shallow bowl of water with a used lemon tea bags and a pinch of baking soda
  3. Remove Refrigerator Odors Placing a few tea bags around on the shelves of your refrigerator will allow them to soak up bad smells, leaving you with a fresh-smelling fridge again.
  4. Treat Sunburns After tea bags have cooled, place them on the sunburned area for a few minutes to let the leaves soothe the red, burning skin.
  5. Clean Wood Furniture Dipping a rag in tea water and rubbing it along wooden surfaces will reduce the appearances of nicks and scratches and will leave them shining
  6. Relieve Tired Eyes. Place cool tea bags over your eyes, cucumber style. According to Chasing Green, the tannins in the tea leaves may reduce bags and dark circles.
  7. Neutralize odors naturally. Spread dried tea leaves in stinky spots like the cat litter box or in the bottom of your garbage bags
  8. Make a hair rinse. Remove product buildup without using another product. Soak 3-4 used tea bags in warm water and pour it over your head after shampooing and conditioning as usual. Don’t rinse. Pro tip: Chamomile brightens blondes and black tea adds a coppery shimmer to brunettes, according to Housewife How-Tos
  9. Take the sting out of insect bites and sunburn Using a cool compress will reduce pain and inflammation of the affected areas
  10. Wash stinky hands, using a tea bag as you would a bar of soap to help eradicate garlic, onion, or fish odors

Photograph Source:  How to Grow Chamomile