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Use our handy online directory search to find an accredited natural therapist or quality approved training provider in your area. SImply include the name of your country and locality in your search criteria along with the type of the therapist you are looking for, or business or therapist name if known.


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The Complimentary & Natural Medicine Association (The CNMA) founded in 2018 as an independent regulatory body to oversee quality standards and accreditation of complementary and natural therapists & natural health professionals in Ireland, the UK, Europe and worldwide. Providing professional support, insurance and advocacy to members, along with news and information for members and the general public.

We recognise close to 1,200 complementary & natural therapy modalities & natural health specialisations, we are delighted to assist you be the best you can be for your clients.

International Accreditation

Accreditation with The CNMA is valid Internationally in most countries, however there may be additional requirements to practice in your country of residence. Please consult practitioner licensing requirements of your country of residence.